Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Repairing your spiritual foundations

Several Sundays ago I preached a sermon from Philippians 2:12-18 called "Basic Instructions for the Christian Life." One of the illustrations that I shared in the sermon was the idea of trying to build a foundation under and existing building. It can be done. You can carefully jack up the building and then crawl underneath it and dig out the space needed for the foundation that should have been built in the first place.  The problem is that its gonna take significantly more time and effort to do it this way.  That's why its important for us to make sure we understand the foundational principles of the Christian life from the very beginning.

Imagine my surprise when I drove down to the district a couple of days later and spotted a building jacked up just like I imagined in my sermon illustration.  There was no one around but I really wanted to ask someone how long it took and how much it cost.

The good news is that even if your Christian life is built on a rather shaky foundation it is absolutely possible to pick it up and set it down on the bedrock principles found in the Word of God.  To do this you need to find a healthy church that preaches and teaches Scripture not based on what pleases people but on what God revealed.

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