Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our first few nights in Mexico

Wow! What a ride this has been! After packing most of our belongings 14 months ago our family has finally arrived in Puebla, Mexico!

Huge thanks are in order. First, and most importantly, we thank God. We are here to serve Him. We are here because He called us. We are here because Christ died for us. God has blessed us with wonderful friends and family who have come together to support the Lord's work through us in Mexico. Thank you to everyone who has given, prayed, and encouraged along the way. God blessed us with incredible friends in the Bult family. Kevin, Andrea, and their kids (Emma, Ethan, and Lillly) have worked incredibly hard to help us find and setup a new home from before we even arrived. Thank you Lord! Thank you friends!

It's a week before Christmas and we would love to find some of our decorations among the piles of boxes. The bed people are supposed to deliver our mattress today!

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