A little bit about the Kraft family...

Aaron is the oldest of three children in a close knit family. There's an ongoing debate about who is the best looking, smartest, wittiest, and of course humblest of the bunch. Aaron felt called to full time ministry in high school, but first embarked on a carrier in IT as a computer programer and then as a part of a dotcom startup in Virginia and later as a programmer and analyst for AOL-Time Warner. He is a classically trained, tubist (true story) and enjoys playing his tuba with the D.C. Brass Quintet. Aaron graduated from Washington Bible College and completed a ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is currently pursing a Ph.D. in Christian Preaching from the Southern Baptist Seminary. Since the summer of 2008 Aaron has had the privilege of serving as the senior pastor of Franconia Baptist Church.  In that time God has empowered a spiritual revival in this historic congregation that dates back to 1870. While at Franconia Baptist Aaron has grown as a preacher, teacher, disciplemaker, husband, and father.

Carrie, like many Chicagoland natives, misses authentic Chicago-style hotdogs and Portillo's Italian beef sandwiches. Both of her devoted parents have passed away, but their influence and traditions continue to shape the mother she is today. She graduated form the University of Evansville with a B.S. in Special Education. Interested in learning more about children who struggle learning to read Carrie became a reading specialist after completing her M.Ed. from the University of Virginia. She has also completed her first year of doctoral studies towards a Ph.D. in reading intervention. Carrie has taught students from pre-K through 6th grade in both special needs and gifted programs. Her main focus is students with autism and learning/emotional disabilities. God continues to surprise her how much her professional experience has been valuable for ministry.

Aaron & Carrie adopted two spunky children from Guatemala in 2004 and 2008. Jonathan (9) is making remarkable progress homeschooling with Dad's help in the morning and Mom's help in the afternoons. He and Aaron are working on tuba together. You can't even see him when he sitting behind his huge horn. If he offers to show you a roundhouse kick, take a step back or you might get it in the neck! Jon is only 3 tests away from his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. At this point (thank the Lord) girls are ewww and kisses with lipstick are torture.

Jacqueline MarĂ­a (6) was named after Carrie's mom and attends a Spanish immersion Kindergarten program. Half of her day is in Spanish and the other half in English. We thank the Lord that she is having the opportunity to learn the language of her birth country even though her birth family spoke the Mayan language Q'uiche (Ki'che). Jackie-Bear (as we like to call her) does about 100 cartwheels a day.  She is an enthusiastic prayer warrior with a distinct flair for the dramatic.

Together the Kraft's love to cook and share their home with other people. In the last 15 years of marriage, they've had 21 different roommates and an untold number of overnight guests. Their cooking strengths provide some insight to their personalities. Carrie carefully weighs all the pros/cons for her potential menu selection and then diligently searches out recipes from sources she trusts based on reviewers' comments. Once she is underway with the cooking, Aaron comes into the kitchen, sniffs the air, grabs a couple of spices and with a flair of creativity he embarks on his Swedish Chef impersonation putting his own spin on the dishes.

We hope this gives you a little picture into the sometimes strange, usually interesting lives of the Kraft Family.